Wags & Wine

We heard so much about this event last year that this year we knew we just had to get tickets.

I will be honest, i was a bit hesitant when i saw the price of the tickets, they were quite pricey but i paid and just hoped it would be good value for the money.

The theme was SUMMER PAWTY so our two got all dressed up and ready for the occasion.

This year Wags & Wine was hosted at Perderberg Cellar.

There was a lovely enclosed area for the doggies to run around and play, its important that your dog is well socialised for this event as it just helps you and everyone else to relax and have a good time.

On arrival, Max and Laila received a welcome goodie bag each from Dogglish with a treat sample pack which they instantly devoured and a sample of frozen food (Pork Stew) to take home.

They even received Bonnie Bio poop bags, which are biodegradable - how amazing is that!

Shutter Mutt Photography was waiting to take to their photos, each dog got an individual photo, as well as a family photo. We absolutely can't wait to see how they turned out.

Afterwards we got served our cheese platter and sparkling grape juice. You have a choice of different platters, dessert and wine when you purchase your ticket. We just went for the basic platter, it was enough food for the 2 of us and delicious.

The doggies even got their own cheese platter with a variety of yummy meaty treats. The packaging was so cute.

Just when we thought they had been spoilt enough, out came dessert - ice-cream!! They seemed to love the Bau Yogurt and had the choice between plain vanilla or peanut butter. The great thing about this yogurt is that its lactose free, gluten free and low fat. Needless to say, we still had to pace them.

It was a lovely atmosphere, we met some great people, and Laila and Max made loads of new friends.

Prizes for lucky draws were handed out, one of these prizes even included a holiday away.

Lastly, to end this beautiful event, all doggies were given their very own personalized biscuits from the Barkery. Could they possibly have been anymore spoilt?

That brings us to the main question. Would we go again next year?

I do feel it was quite a pricey day but the dogs we extremely spoilt and like most Dog Moms/ Dog Parents, it's worth the money just to see your fur kid have a ton of fun.

Venue - would be great to have a change. PerderbergCellar staff weren't the most helpful but to give them the benefit of the doubt perhaps they had other customers outside of the event to look after.

With regards to the event organziation, Empawre really did a fantastic job and pulled out all the stops to make sure all the doggies felt loved and left with full tummies.

So yes, Wags and Wine will see us again next year.

My fur kids, left with full tummies and happy hearts.



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