Matrooesberg is situated on the farm Erfdeel, which is a fully working farm.

This farm offers so much adventure from camping, hut accommodation, hiking, quad biking and even a 4x4 trial.

And the best part of all - it's pet friendly!

We visited this amazing place in July to attempt the 4x4 trial. What makes this trial even more challenging at this time of the year is the snow.

Our fur kids have been on plenty adventures but this was their first snow experience.

Being Yorkies, they felt the cold so warm jackets for them was necessary.

Be aware of your dogs paws, the longer the fur the more the snow seems to attach it's self like Velcro, making your dogs paws freezing cold. We invested in some snow boots for them after this, which seems to help protect their paws and keep them warm.

Once at the peak, we built a snow man, and had a snow ball fight.

I advise you to pack some hot coffe/tea and snacks as you are not allowed to start your descend until everyone doing the 4x4 route is on the peak, this can take about 1hr & 30mins.

But the time spent on the peak goes quickly as the views are just breathtaking.

The feeling of being surrounded by snow in Cape Town,South Africa is something rather strange. yet beautiful and you feel i sense of gratitude to be able to experience this 2hrs from town.

Here's to the love of adventure <3

Happy tail wags!


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