Bath & Blow-Out


Warm bath & gentle massage with organic River Hound shampoo & conditioner, blow dry, nail trim, finishing cologne, bow or bandana.



Full Groom

Warm bath & gentle massage with organic River Hound shampoo & conditioner, blow dry, all over body clip & hand scissoring, nail trim, finishing cologne, bow or bandana.


Bath & Tidy


Warm bath & gentle massage with organic River Hound shampoo & conditioner, blow dry, face & head trim, hygiene trim, nail trim, ear clean and trim/shave, finishing cologne, bow or bandana.


Puppy's First Groom

For puppies under 4 months. Let us get your pup started off right. Includes a gentle, fun introduction to grooming - a bath, brush, nails, ears & trimming services.


Mini Spa

Organic River Hound shampoo & moisturizing conditioner, South Bark blueberry facial, with massage, Gerrard Larriett aromatherapy spray and nail soothing.


Full Spa

Organic River Hound shampoo & moisturizing conditioner, South Bark blueberry facial with massage, Gerrard Larriett aromatherapy spray and nail soothing, River Hound paw moisturizing cream, and South Bark coconut oil sugar scrub.


Medicated Shampoo

Perfect for itchy and irritated skin


Coconut Oil Scrub

Massage and sugar scrub to stimulate body flow and promote healthy skin & coat.


Blueberry Facial

Perfect for removing dirt, dead skin cells and tear stains.


Feather Extensions

This cute new trend is definitely heating up quickly. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and KeSha have been spotted rocking this style, and now our adorable pups at Magic Paws Boutique & Spa in Cape Town are strutting their stuff in their own feather locks. This fashion statement is a definite do! So treat your furry friend to a new look that will have everyone’s heads turning


The Extras & Add- ons


Important: Please Take Note

Operating throughout the day, our collection service provides an individual compartment, door to door service.

This service is offered to areas within a 10 kilometre radius of our dog grooming spa in Sunningdale, Cape Town

  • Melkbosstrand, Sunningdale, Parklands North, Parklands, West Beach, Blaauwberg, Tabelview- R30

  • Pick-up is between 6am- 8am Mon- Fri

  • Drop off is 12pm - 1pm or 5pm - 6pm Mon to Fri


  • Some animals are better suited to being groomed at the spa vs mobile

  • Our service solves a potential logistical complication of getting to us

  • Animals are NEVER in the vehicle longer than 30min

  • Many of our furry customers enjoy their frequent outings

  • The upmost care and vigilance is taken to ensure your pet is delivered from A to B safely and calmly, allowing you peace of mind.

Magic Paws Policies, Terms & Conditions:


  • All payments are to be made at the time of personally collecting your dog or before treatment commences if the dog is collected by Magic Paws.


  • Prices given over phone are based on owner’s judgement. Magic Paws reserves the right to change in accordance if condition/or size of pet requires more work than anticipated. We would preferably like to see the condition of the pet before quoting if it is the pets first time or  he/she is severely matted so there are no hidden surprises for the owner

      Prices are subject to annual changes.

Hours of Operation

  • We generally groom pets five days a week from 8am to 4:30pm. Saturdays from 8am to 4:30pm. Selective public holidays are open (please call to confirm) and we are closed Sundays.

  • Last appointments of the day must begin no later than 3pm depending on the breed and condition. All dogs coming in for just grooming must be picked up no later than 5pm otherwise an additional charge will apply.

  • If your pet/s are not picked up after closing time, we reserve the right to charge R250 p/ 30 minutes of staying open. 

Booking Reservations

  • You are encouraged to book your service in advance. 24 hours notice must be given before cancelling an appointment, failing which we will have to charge for the full price.


  • For severally matted dogs, we will have to insist on a complete short strip due to knots forming close to the skin. This is for the wellbeing for the animal and Magic Paws is non-negotiable on the measure that has to be taken in this event.

Collection Service

  • Please assist our driver by ensuring dog/s are ready and waiting to be loaded on arrival. Your dog must please wear a fitted collar and lead or alternatively we will use our own. 

  • The driver will wait up to 10 minutes for collection. Should there be a delay over the 10 minutes a surcharge will be incurred and the vehicle will continue to the next collection.

       We don’t deliver on Saturdays.

Potty Walking

  • For the comfort of your dog, can you please ensure they are given the opportunity to stretch their legs and have a ‘toilet opportunity’ before they enter our premises. Both we and your dog would appreciate this simple but important step.

Illness / Injury

Pet’s medical history must be disclosed before any treatment commence, this includes any medication the pet is on at the time of the treatment. We retain the right to refuse to groom any pet that may have any of the following:

  • Stitches from any surgery

  • Grass seed wounds not seen to by a vet

  • Any open or weeping wounds

  • Any form of ill health

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Unusual lethargy

  • Any other signs of injury not yet seen to by a vet

Ticks and Fleas

  • Dogs with ticks and fleas will be treated with the spa’s choice of remedy at the current cost indicated on our price list. Owners will be advised and are encouraged to address problems areas in their pet’s home and immediate environment.

Aggressive / Difficult Dogs

  • Dogs that are aggressive, difficult or have a tendency to bite will generally be muzzled for their safety and ours. Should we find that your dog is uncontrollable and/or overly aggressive, we will not continue with the grooming process. You will be contacted and asked to collect your dog and you will be charged for the grooming that has been completed.

  • Magic Paws does not and will not sedate your dog.

Public Liability

  • While every care is taken to ensure the safety of all pets while travelling to and from the Spa, or while undergoing treatments at the Spa, owners will not hold Magic Paws, its staff nor owners liable for any loss or injury to their pets and/or property.

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